I just wish you’d fuck off…
Because i’m so tired.
And you’re still here, but not fully…
And it makes me want to die.
You’re killing me slowly.
And i miss you so much.
But you never really even thought about me did you?
I always cared too much for you.
I thought i didn’t love you, but it just had to be you.
Not him.
But he was perfect.
He was sweet, shy, cute.. He knew what to do.
And you’re just so stupid and selfish and you’re so together and chill, and it makes me anxious.
You’re everything i hate.
But i love you.
And i still don’t know why.
It’s been 4 years.
I’ve loved you everyday.
And for that short period, the 1 year we were actually something, i woke up everyday and i felt happy. I felt like i had purpose. But it faded.. Just like that. Your lips never met mine. They met hers… Instead.



i still can’t get over Dean hiking and hitching rides for 4 days post purgatory just to put Benny back in his body like he could have spilled that vampire on the dirt the moment his feet hit topside but he went out first priority to that little family grave site and measured his steps and dug up his friend and told him to keep his nose clean and hugged him